Fifty Shades Darker” continues to entice the fans as hot photos from the set have been revealed. The snapshots appear to tease the fans on what to expect on the upcoming erotic sequel.

The raw photos were allegedly shared by Bella Heathcote, who will officially play as Leila Williams- an architect that may be a threat to Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) notes The Stir. The candid shots, that readers are about to see can also be viewed on the film’s Instagram account.

Some of them reveal the studio, even Anna’s alleged room, E.L. James’ and Heathcote’s selfie, among other shots.

Can someone tell us what this thing does? 😂 On set with @jamiedornan #hilarious #FiftyShadesDarker – @bellalheathcote

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Movie magic – the "street" outside Ana's room. #FiftyShadesDarker – @bellalheathcote

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Erika and I 😄 (so fun!) #FiftyShadesDarker – @bellalheathcote

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BTS in Anastasia's bedroom. #FiftyShadesDarker – @bellalheathcote

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Meanwhile, a previous report revealed that “Fifty Shades Darker” James Foley almost replaced Dornan as Christian Grey on the movie sequel. Dornan is said to be having difficulty reconnecting with his character due lack of chemistry and family reasons, knowing that her wife Amelia Warner had already give birth to their second child.

As a result, Foley got disappointed at Dornan’s acting that he almost grabbed Grey’s role. However, Inquistr notes that a representative from Universal Pictures denied these claims.

Dornan also told Mail Online that fans have nothing to worry about the malicious rumours, stating that he and Johnson would not have selected to play the titular roles if the chemistry was not there in the first place.

“They wouldn’t have shot the film with us if there was a chemistry problem… whatever chemistry means. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a part like this, and they simply wouldn’t have cast us,” he explained.

“I am never going to please all 100 million people who read the book. I’ll be lucky if half that number are happy with me playing Christian Grey,” he said in another interview with Guardian. “I know there are campaigns of hate against me already.”

More news about “Fifty Shades Darker” soon.