Her death remained a mystery even after the Coroner issued the final verdict. A podcast series now delves into the life and death of Phoebe Handsjuk.

She was 24 years old when she died. At the time, she lived with her boyfriend. Incidentally, he is the son of a retired Supreme Court judge. Moreover, his stepmother holds office as a Country Court judge. Hence, her family’s misgivings about the investigation’s outcome.

Phoebe Handsjuk is yet another mysterious case similar to the Sydney double death recently reported. Investigators ruled the six-year old case early on as a suicide. However, the family remains unconvinced. Her own grandfather led an investigation into her death. Lorne Campbell is a retired detective with 28 years of experience. Thus, their manner of police work raised concern from him and her family. They refuted the suicide theory given the facts and lack of physical evidence to support it. Moreover, they noted the presence of bruises on her body.

According to the family, she had been having problems in the weeks leading up to her death. Apparently, Phoebe Handsjuk had split from her boyfriend Antony Hampel several times earlier. Moreover, she attempted to leave the apartment they shared. Thus, they felt certain suicide would be far from her mind.

Nevertheless, the Coroner Peter While declared Phoebe Handsjuk was in a sleepwalking state when she fell 40 meters down the garbage chute. This supposedly came about from a mix of a prescription-sleeping drug and alcohol. The fall did not kill her instantly. However, she bled to her death due to the injuries she suffered.

To date, The Sydney Morning Herald released a podcast in six episodes about her and the circumstances behind her death. Her then boyfriend Ant Hampel reportedly declined to take part in it. He maintained his innocence throughout the investigation. He countered claims of problems between him and Phoebe at the time. Moreover, he revealed their plans to take a Christmas trip to Paris. The family hopes to file an appeal. However the costs of doing so make it impossible for them to do so.