In a video that has released last week by Islamic militants, three foreign hostages and a Filipino woman pleading for their life. The foreign nationals pleaded for their countries to pay ransom to the Abu Sayyaf Islamist group for their freedom. They also stated that if the demands are not met, they will be killed in a month.

The militants  are holding two Canadians, a Norwegian and a Filipino woman. They were abducted from a beach resort on a southern island nearly six months ago. The minute-and-half video clip was released on Thursday last week reported Reuters.

The foreigners in the video stated that they were Canadian citizens. The amount demanded was not stated reported CNN.


One of them appealed while a militant holds a knife on his neck with one hand and with the other clinching his chin. He said, “I appeal for my life … Please do what’s needed to meet their demands within one month or they will kill me, and they will execute us.”

A military spokesperson said last week, that the Philippines would not negotiate with Islamic militants demanding ransom for the freedom of these foreigners and the Filipino woman.

Brigadier-General Restituto Padilla said that army units chasing the band of militants are already closing in on them.

Padilla stated, “The policy on no negotiations with kidnappers includes no payment of ransom.”

He also dismissed the one-month deadline given by the militant group.

He noted, “We’re getting closer to them, hence, they needed to expedite the demand for ransom in order for them to escape from the hands of the law, which is closely catching up.”

This is the third time that militants released such videos demanding for a ransom.

The men’s embassies in the Philippines did not comment on the case. However, Brigadier-General Padilla confirmed that the military is working closely with the victims’ governments to ensure their release.

In January, this year many militant groups in the Philippines pledged allegiance to ISIS.