Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte looks poised to succeed Benigno Aquino III as president of the Philippines as two of his main rivals, Senator Grace Poe and administration standard-bearer Mar Roxas, have admitted defeat.

Official results have yet to be declared, but partial results show that Duterte has an undisputable marginal lead over the other presidential candidates. He sealed his win with a visit to his parents’ grave.

Poe, who dropped to 3rd place from 2nd at the beginning of the counting of votes, was the first to concede on Monday evening. During her press conference, she also threw her support behind the call for healing and unity after elections, according to Rappler.

Duterte himself confirmed that Poe personally contacted him as he was having his dinner. Poe expressed her desire of introducing an “electoral agenda” to Duterte, to which he said he was open to studying her proposal.

Meanwhile, Roxas remains in 2nd place and followed Poe in conceding defeat on Tuesday afternoon. The former DILG secretary says he wished Duterte success and declared: “It’s not about me, it’s not about anyone; it’s about our country.”

All throughout the election period, the 71-year-old tough-talking candidate’s campaign was marred with controversy because of his rabble-rousing comments, according to BBC News.

He is known for his stance on law and order and had vowed to eliminate corruption, as well as promising to kill criminals who will wreak havoc around the nation.

During his final rally on the eve of the national elections, he told his supporters that the nation will have a comfortable life under him “because there will not be too much crime. And the drugs – I will suppress it to the barest minimum.”

He also urged his followers and the rest to give him time in making sure that the nation will be free from corruption. “I do not want to blurt out things I cannot do, but just watch me,” he said.