Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte stood out among the candidates of the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections. He showed a tough guy persona and spoke defiantly against convention throughout his campaign. Hence, he earned the moniker “Donald Trump of the Philippines.” However, the man who would be president of the republic is more than just the “Trump of the East.”

Beyond his public identity, Rody Duterte is a regular man, who is “funny, sweet, touching, and compassionate,” Coconuts Manila described. The following would prove he is unlike Donald Trump in more ways than one.

1. He supports the rights of the LGBT community. He earlier expressed his consideration of same-sex marriage if he won. For Duterte,“everyone deserves to be happy,” Time cited him as saying in an appearance on a local talk show program.

2. Duterte equates crime with drugs and not with immigrants, according to China Topix that cited a Time report.

3. Beneath his tough exterior is a son who seeks advice from his parents in times of uncertainty. The former mayor of Davao visited his parents’ tomb hours after the election and showed the soft side not many were aware of, CBS News reported.

4. He vowed to “kill” any of his children if they ever got into drugs. However, a throwback pic shared by his daughter Sara showed the other side of the devoted father.

5. Unlike Trump’s mockery of his closest rival, Hillary Clinton, Duterte chose the “charm offensive” that created the “DuRiam” loveteam from the first presidential debates, The Philippine Star reported. Aside from the pleasantries he exchanged with rival Miriam Santiago, photos of the two in an embrace sent netizens into a frenzy.

6. The politician is also a dancer in his spare time when he’s not chasing bad guys. His dance moves were caught on camera.

7. Perhaps Charlie Campbell of Time expressed succinctly his difference from Donald Trump. According to Campbell, Filipinos have tangible proof of how a society under his rule would look. Hence, “the Philippines knows what it is getting. With Trump, America is looking at the unknown.”

Rody Duterte has a clear vision for the Philippines. Moreover, he is determined to see it through.