A health scare has temporarily shut down Elizabeth Quay water park in Perth. This follows the detection of contagious bacteria in the water spray and amoebae in waste discharge pipes. This is the second time the BHP Billiton Water Park is closing since it became functional.

Perth is facing heat wave conditions. As a result, the water park had heavy rush of visitors. The Health Department is conducting more tests to confirm the severity of the detected amoebae. Bacteria causes skin rashes and infections on eye and ear.

Media reports had highlighted water quality problems at the water park. The presence of non-pathogenic amoeba in the waste discharge pipes had led to its first temporary closure in early February, reports News Corp.

“Testing indicated there was a faulty filter in the discharge system which has now been removed and replaced,” a spokeswoman of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority said.

On Monday, the Health Department announced the confirmed presence of pseudomonas-type bacteria in the water spray. “In the interest of public safety, and following best practice guidelines, the BHP Billiton Water Park was closed today to allow for modifications to the park’s filtration systems,” WA Health chief health officer Tarun Weeramanthri said.

He said more tests are needed to confirm whether the amoebae are pathogenic. “Anyone who experiences these conditions following exposure to the water park should visit their GP,” the official urged.

Perth Now reports that WA Health will be working with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority to decide on the new dates for reopening the water park. BHP Billiton Water Park boasts of interactive features. Its highlights include hi-tech lighting and choreographed water jets. They offer a fun-filled, engaging family friendly space.

The water park is located opposite the Elizabeth Quay Train Station which serves as the primary entry point to the quay. The water park has come up with lots of amenities. It will be opening an A V Burger Bar at the outdoor dining area by mid-March.