Police have asked more than 50 drivers to pay fines for not obeying Perth road rules and using their mobile phones while driving.

The officers penalized a number of drivers within a period of 90 minutes. Despite several warnings by authorities against the usage of mobile phones on the road, many drivers were found talking on phones while driving. The operation was undertaken on Tuesday morning when drivers were asked to pay a considerable fine for disobeying the traffic rules.

A reporter from Radio 6PR accompanied Sergeant Simon Baxter and Senior Sergeant Levinia Hugo to the spot where the mission was to be conducted. She told a media outlet that the drivers were seen surfing the Internet, checking Facebook, Snapchat and also their emails while on the wheel.

“What we were doing this morning was really targeting areas where there’s high traffic flow, so where lots of people are coming into the city… really where you find that people are starting to sit in traffic because traffic is banking up,” she said.

Margaret, a 720 ABC Perth listener, said that she was stuck in a traffic jam this week when she reached for her phone. She was quite tense as she was not sure if she would reach her medical appointment on time. That was where the police on a Perth road came up and asked for a fine of $400 but also added three points of demerits on her name. The woman said that she tried to explain the situation to the officers but they weren’t ready to accept any excuse.

“I pulled my phone out of my bag; I didn’t know the hospital number but I thought I could call my husband,” she added.

According to WA Today, Sergeant Baxter said that the number of drivers caught using mobile phones on the road was disappointing while Sergeant Hugo said that the drivers these days are “time poor.” They start using their mobile as soon as they get an opportunity regardless of the risk they might be at while using phones on Perth road.