Perth parking difficulties might come to an end if architects could successfully implement their brilliant solution to achieve it.

Parking is a big problem when you go to a place for business meetings or pleasure as you might have to pay a big fee for it or risk accommodating your sedan a big fine. Architects are working on solutions that could make the city free of parking lots in the future.

Global design company Woods Bagot’s architect Patric Przeradzki firmly believes that parking would soon be a thing of the past.

“My prediction is that the same way the music industry has moved away from direct purchases to a more subscription-based model, I think car ownership will move to a subscription too – with robot cars or driver services like Uber you can set a pick up from a vehicle through an app on your smartphone and get dropped off where you want to go and never need your own car or to park it,” Przeradzki said.

The architect feels that the emergence of ride-sharing services and self-driving cars have smartened the ways of using vehicles, which will make it preferable for people to have an apartment complex with little space of parking. The architect said that it will not be necessary for people to look for parking lots as they would hardly own a car when self-driving taxis and ride-sharing cabs are readily available. As a result, people will hardly opt for residences with huge and heavy parking facilities.

Keeping the future in mind, Perth parking will be something handled differently when new apartment complexes are designed for Norup Wilson’s new Precinct on Canning development. The initiative is likely to be promoted in the future. The apartments, at present, with five storeys or more–also called podium–offer huge parking space for more cars to be accommodated there.

“In our vision, part of the podium has been designed with an increased floor to ceiling height so that it can be converted in future to apartments or offices. Until that is the case car stackers are used to enable two cars to park in some of the same bays,” the Perth parking architect said referring to his latest project, as quoted by WA Today.

“The building has been designed to allow for electric car charging to each bay. The podium also has a drone landing area for deliveries and we have also identified a dedicated self-driving car pick-up zone that can hold up to four cars.”