It is unimaginable for any mother to let her child die but a Perth mum wants death for her son. She  has shared her experience about her three-year-old son’s fight with cancer in her blog and wants him to die so that he no longer suffers the pain he is in.

Isabella and Roy Darch’s son Bede was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal brain cancer when he was only 16-month-old. The doctor gave him just a few weeks to live. However, the little boy has survived and it’s been three years. His parents call him “small but mighty.”

He has survived an intense nine-month round of chemotherapy by battling with the disease and defying the odds. However after the chemo sessions, Bede’s health has deteriorated. The chemotherapy led to ‘life-threatening infections’ and his condition was worse than what was predicted by the doctors. He cannot talk or see and needs round-the-clock care, reported Yahoo7.

The Darch couple has used all their resources and their friends are helping them by setting up a GoFundMe. Bede’s father has lost his job and is taking care of him now.

The GoFundMe page for the family, states, “Issy and Roy have now used all their resources and support to get through the last three years, holding their family together and providing Bede with as happy a life as possible.”

On Saturday Isabella posted a blog filled with emotions, reported In her latest blog Bede’s mother, Isabella said, “My heart is raw. Because the truth is I want my son to die. I’m tired. He is tired. I want peace for him, rest.”

“But I instantly hate myself because I know then that is all there will be. He will have no more growth, no more moments tenderly reaching out to his brother, laying next to his sister,” she added.

Isabella went on, “He will just be gone. That is not enough for my special light filled boy. Life is hard but death seems worse.”

The Perth mum said that she never knew that a baby can deal with a terminal illness with such grace.