One of the eight victims, a Perth mother whose car windows were smashed in an incident of theft, showed a very different reaction to what happened to her.

Aside from strengthening her lock system and implementing other security measures, Mosman Park’s Sam De Sillery hung a handwritten note of friendship for thieves on her front gate on Friday after considering the reason that made the thieves attempt such violent acts to rob money and steal things from people.

“For those who keep breaking into my car and smashing my neighbors’ car windows, we are all doing it tough,” the note read. “If it’s food that you need I will feed you, if you need warmth I have rugs, but most of all, I can be your friend.”

The note was drafted after the windows of eight vehicles were smashed and robbed over two days of the thieving spree. The single mom spoke to WA Today and said that nobody has yet responded to her message. She added that she was being genuine in her approach, as in most cases, lack of food and other necessities make people steal things.

The 28-year-old Perth mother stated that some people in the area do not even lock their cars these days because of the petty crime. They leave it unlocked so that thieves don’t break the car windows. Repairing or replacing the smashed windows is quite expensive, so for them, keeping the windows unlocked is cheaper.

“I know it’s hard to find work and there are a lot of people doing it really tough,’ she said. “I’m a single mum, so I know how tough it is and I get by through sharing food and support from family and friends. Instead of being angry, I decided to put the sign up because I thought maybe I could help.”