A shocking video footage has been obtained that shows a Perth man lashing out at a Muslim woman because of her outfit. He approached the woman while she walked through a crowded shopping mall. He confronted the woman and addressed her in abusive tone.

The video shows the Perth man questioning the Muslim woman on covering her face. In the footage, the man said that she was in Australia that gave her a safe place to live in when she was persecuted from her native nation. Then what’s the need of wearing “things like that,” he asks while referring to her niqab. “Well, why don’t you dress like other Australians. They dress with a f*** face! Where’s your *****ing face?” he asks. “What are you hiding from? f**** Allah?”

She, however, questioned the Perth man and asked what should she do and how Aussies should dress. This makes him even more anxious and he begins an expletives-filled rant in public. The Muslim woman tells him that she was not hiding from anything. She wore the dress as she was more comfortable in it.

The footage was an undercover social experiment. It was prepared for SBS’s show Is Australia Racist, which is hosted by TV journalist Ray Martin. The show is all set to air this Sunday. The one-hour documentary delivers a special message to Aussies, who are living in a nation hosting diverse cultures.

In the later part of the video, the Muslim woman attends a Reclaim Australia rally. During the rally, police ask her to leave. But surprisingly two women stand up for her support. The same footage has two contrary parts showing feelings of the diverse population of Australia.

Muslim Woman Says She Was Nervous

The Muslim woman in the video footage was 22-year-old Rahila. She wears a hijab and agreed to be a part of the SBS documentary. She is a law student who shifted to Australia from Afghanistan almost six years ago. She said that she preferred wearing the veil but she never wore niqab earlier.

Rahila admitted she was nervous while experimenting but the reaction that she received was quite unexpected. “At that moment I was so shocked I didn’t know how to react,” she addressed the program as quoted by News Corp Australia. “I did feel traumatized. I didn’t imagine that level of hate.”

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