A male stranger is being praised for his act of kindness to a homeless woman. The stranger gave the woman enough money to buy herself a plane ticket home to New Zealand.

The homeless woman, Jess, has been out in the streets of Perth begging for money in the hopes of raising enough to buy a ticket to return to her family, who she recently reconnected with after being estranged for a long time. Since Jess was not an Australian citizen, she had no choice but to sleep on the streets while saving enough funds.

On Sept. 17 in Northbridge, a stranger who goes by the name Daniel Roose decided to help Jess. Daniel went to the ATM, withdrew cash, and gave it all to her.

Siham Carollisen, a homeless advocate, was in the scene and filmed the selfless deed. Siham uploaded the footage on her Brothers & Sisters Perth Facebook page, gathering more than 20,000 views.

Daniel Roose

Siham and Mirwan Carollisen (far right and far left) in Northbridge. Credit: Facebook / Brothers & Sisters PERTH

“We’re just standing at the ANZ on James Street right now, this is our homeless friend Jess – a kind stranger has just gone to the ATM to withdraw funds,” Siham says on the video. “This man has just given Jess an airfare to return back to her family.”

As Jess thanked and blessed Daniel, he simply said, “Don’t God bless me, it’s not God bless you… I’m just a simple person.”

In an interview with WAtoday, Daniel says that he did not regret the act and he hopes that his generous act would give Jess hope.

He adds that homeless people are automatically judged as lazy. However, Daniel says that there are tons of reason why someone is homeless, and the right thing to do is to help them out.

WAtoday cannot confirm if the money was used to buy the planet ticket.