A group of three people from Pilbara town of Roebourne has been arrested and charged with child sex abuse crimes following detectives’ discovery of their involvement.

West Pilbara Detectives reported that the men, aged 39, 45 and 52, sexually abused girls between 13 and 16 years of age. The man in his 40s has been charged with indecent dealing with children over 13 and below 16. He will face the charge with one count each based on the number of cases he was involved in.

The man in his 50 s will face charges with two counts each against sexual penetration of the children more than 13 years while less than 16 years of age. He will also be charged with one count each for his indecent behavior with children of the same age group.

The 39-year-old third man has been charged with one count of showing indecent behavior to children over 13 and below 16 years of age. He was given bail to appear at the Roebourne Magistrates Court on Sept. 14 while the other two are scheduled to be present in the same court on Sept. 13, as reported by Perth Now.

Child sex abuse cases are no longer unusual. Another man, 73, has been charged with the same crime for sexually assaulting a girl below 14 years of age. Midland detectives have discovered that the man abused the girl for more than seven years in the Pilbara region’s Tom Price area. He will face allegations of abusing the girl between 1979 and 1986.

The victim, in this case, was a mere three-year-old when she was sexually abused for the first time. The man is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on Friday.

Seeing the increasing child abuse cases, as Yahoo News reported, the police have been encouraging victims of child sex abuse to come forward and report the cases to bring them into focus and get the guilty punished. The inspiration comes following the importance of the week that cherishes the National Child Protection Week.