A Dynamic Group communications and electrical services van partially sunk at the intersection of Vincent and Charles Streets in North Perth after a burst water main caused the road to cave in around 7 a.m. today.

A witness told 6PR that a van had sunk into the road as the foundations gave way, the Herald Sun reported. The front wheels of the vehicle fell into the hole, temporarily blocking the westbound lanes at the corner of Vincent and Charles streets. Emergency services responded to the incident which is causing problems for peak hour traffic in the area. The water has since been turned off and the van towed away, revealing the hole in the road.

A Main Roads spokesperson confirmed the incident and said the water has caused “significant damage to the road pavements.” Main Roads said that the entire intersection had been affected by flooding.

On the other hand, the Water Corporation said it will investigate the matter.

“At this stage we’re not sure what the cause of the break is, but we’ll need to dig down and excavate in the next few hours so we should know a bit more then,” Water Corporation spokesperson Clare Lugar told ABC News.

“There’s a high pressure gas line in this area so we need to make sure that working in the vicinity is safe,” she said. Bus services in the area have been affected, with a number of bus stops closed on Charles and Carr streets.

Traffic is expected to be held up for several hours as crews try to repair the burst main. It will remain heavy in all directions and motorists are advised to avoid the area. “I would expect there to be disruptions for at least the next couple of hours,” Lugar said.

Main Roads also advises motorists to avoid the busy intersection and find an alternate route. Water has flooded the area making it difficult for traffic to pass through.