Details about the Persona 5 release date for the PlayStation 4 went out; however, another report released that the official website of Atlus was being hacked.

PlaystationLifeStyle reported that the Japanese video game company was planning to tease something special for their fans. A countdown clock was put for “Persona 5” in its official website. It was set to end on “0505” which hints that there will be a major announcement next month. The sequel for the “Persona 5” was expected to be released in Summer in Japan for PS3 and PS4 consoles.

Several “Persona 5” merchandises were being displayed at a Japanese retail store Animate in the Machida, according to previous reports. This gives us the clue that the release date for the game is nearing and Atlus will fulfill its promise.

Meanwhile, the news was out that “Persona 5” website has been hacked and placed a fake release date. It said that the game would be released along with the PC version.

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John Hardin, Atlus PR manager reacted soon regarding a fake release date for the game. He said in a tweet that he would discuss with Atlus and come up with a better security measure.

Gear Nuke reported that Atlus had dismissed the possibility of developing a PC version for “Persona 5” last year. However, the hacker had omitted the PS3 version.

As the countdown was made by the company, fans are expecting that Atlus would reveal something new about the game and an official release date announcement for the PlayStation consoles. It seems that fans will have to wait until May 5.

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“Persona 5” comprises four high school students and Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki, and Yusuke Kitagawa will be the protagonist. A talking cat named as Morgana will also be featured in the game. Th characters are given various “Persona” powers and they used that powers to fight for justice in the corrupted world. They used to be dressed as Phantom thieves.