The latest information on Persona 5 comes in the form of an announcement event promised for the 19th. Check out the details on the Persona 5 July 19 event below.

A report by Gematsu details that the Persona 5 planned announcement, dubbed as a Premium Event, happens at the Tokyo National Museum at 7:30 p.m. Japan local time on the 19th.

Adding to the fans’ excitement, GameSpot reports that the event features seven different Persona 5-related announcements. Those seven announcements could be anything given the mystery surrounding the teaser. However, given the “Preliminary Investigation File” text included in the tease, GameSpot projects that details of the game’s story may emerge during the event.

Countdown to Persona 5 July 19 event

As if the teaser is not enough, the GameSpot source also details that a countdown clock emerged on Persona 5‘s official website. The clock is scheduled to end next week.

It is notable that Japanese fans will be treated first to all the announcements. This makes sense, though, given that the game also releases there first come September.

While the game’s story is the strong contender for the announcement, other details could also emerge on the 19th. One of these is potential bonus content that gamers can get from the game. If fans are lucky, a preview or testing of some sort could also make that list of seven.

If fans are luckier, Atlus could announce that they changed their mind and is considering a launch of the game in other platforms. Although that is more of wishful thinking than a feasible projection, you never know. Never say never, right? Seven seems a handful of announcements.

How about you? Do you have any ideas on what those seven announcements may be? Let us know in the comments!

All fans can do now is wait for the Persona 5 July 19 event. Meanwhile, a longer waiting game is on as Persona 5 launches on September 15 in Japan and on February 2017 for North America.