Person of Interest Season 5 Finale has revealed a lot for its fans. It finally gave viewers some of their most awaited scenes and meaningful deaths for some characters. While some fans can’t still get over the ending, here is the Person of Interest Season 5 finale recap.


Capping off their fifth season, blood runs free out of characters bodies. Jonah Nolan spilled some beans about the season 5 finale to TV Line, mentioning that viewers can expect the same recurring theme of death throughout the season.

“You know, it’s a bloodbath. As usual,” Nolan’s said of the finale.

He further adds that the show’s plot line changed in many ways along the way. However, the show runners stuck to their original concept of how it was all going to end.

“But this is the end that we always talked about, the end that’s indicated in the pilot,” where Finch warned Reese, “If we keep doing this, we’re not going to make it,” Nolan explained.

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Shaw’s Final Face-Off

If you’re waiting for the face-off, you won’t be let down. Shaw’s face is priceless when he finally meets the person who killed Root. Shaw tries hard not to get revenge and this should serve as a warning to keep the Kleenex near you.

No One Dies

Or at least, according to the Machine, as long as you mean something to somebody, then you will never die. As the finale comes to a close, Team Machine will finally end up with a few more deaths that has been long overdue, Entertainment Weekly notes. Machine-as-Root ponders on a sacrificial death of a long overdue friend, Reese.

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On To The 44th Iteration

The Person of Interest Season 5 finale was more than just an ending. Some may even question if it has truly ended. As the Machine goes on its 44th iteration, the message is played again saying “Let me tell you who you are…”

Being more open-ended than what other shows have done, does this mean Person of Interest may get a spin-off? Are new missions in store for the 44th iteration of the Machine?