Pep Guardiola can fit into any team. And when he directly talks about his interest, it is taken for granted that he will give his very best. Ask Barcelona or Bayern Munich for that matter.

Bayern Munich have already named Carlo Ancelotti as Guardiola’s successor. As per the ESPN reports, the announcement came last month when “Guardiola decided not to extend his three-year deal with the Bundesliga champions.”

He is now interested in managing clubs in England. If reports are to be believed, he might join the English Premier League after he ends his term with Bayern Munich this summer.

“I want to coach in Premier League,” Guardiola told a news conference. “That is the reason I did not prolong my contract.”

Guardiola proved to be quite beneficial for Barcelona and was one of the reason’s for the Catalonian supremacy in Spain. He got the most out of Lionel Messi too.

Though Manchester City is one of the strongest contenders to rope in the spaniard, he didn’t rule out Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal as potential options.

“I have offers from England, but I have not signed a contract yet,” he said. “When I have a new contract, then we will communicate it. I can’t say more right now. I have not signed a contract yet.”

Gurdiola replaced the 68-year-old Jupp Heynckes back in 2013 to carry the baton forward for the German team.

“If I were as old as Jupp Heynckes was during his last stint, I would have stayed,” he said. “But I am still young enough, only 44 — I want a new challenge now.

“Three years are enough. I am not comfortable with staying at one club for 30 years. I want new restaurants, a new city, a new challenge.

“When I got to Munich, people asked, ‘Why Germany and not England?’ I want to experience the emotions there. Why England? That’s my instinct right now.”

It would be interesting to see how things play out for Guradiola.