More than one-third of the people shot by Los Angeles police were mentally ill, a review prepared by the LA police department stated. It was nearly triple the number from last year’s record.

Among the 38 people shot by a LA police, 14 were mentally ill, reported The Telegraph. One of the last year’s victim included 29-year-old Brendon Glenn, who was shot in Venice Beach last May.  He was shot on his back by a police officer while he was struggling in the ground with another policeman.  Glenn was a homeless man and was unarmed. He also had a history of drug and alcohol addiction.  According to the report, most of these mentally ill people shot by police were homeless.

Los Angeles police chief, Charlie Beck said that the officer who shot  Glenn should face criminal charges. That was the first time he recommended prosecution of one of his own officers.

The review offered an in-depth description of how and where the officers used force in the past few years. Noticeably, the review was released during the time when national scrutiny on how police officers use force, more so against African American, has intensified. Recently, the force has been criticised for the way they handle cases involving mentally ill and homeless people which include the fatal shooting of a homeless man, reported Los Angeles Times.

There were also protests during the city’s police commission meeting on Tuesday to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Charly “Africa” Keunang, who was shot by police during a scuffle with them. Reportedly, the man was mentally unwell.  Charly was a Cameroonian man who was shot dead on Skid Row.  Apparently,  the homeless man had a tiff with police when one of the officers tried to dismantle his tent, which was on a pavement.

Most of the 38 people shot by the city police are Latinos. However, the percentage of African-American people, which is 9 percent of the city’s population, is very high given the demographics of the city. Among the 38, 8 were African American, which was 22 percent of the total number of people shot by police.