Pause Fest 2016, the week-long creative technology and startup festival, excited a lot of netizens in Australia.

The festival started last Monday, February 8, at Melbourne’s Federation Square and will continue until this Sunday. A lot of young hopefuls attend the event to be inspired by technological entrepreneurs.

In an article by The Music, Pause Fest Founder George Hedon said that the festival is a big deal in the creative technology industry because it feeds information for curious people, and helps them create their opportunities.

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“Pause is for everyone that is into creative, tech or business. Pause is a unique professional development platform where big business meets startup, creative meets tech innovators, where the networking turns into award-winning campaigns, new products, startup investments, and you meet your co-founder or employer,” Hedon shares.

For this year’s Pause Fest, Hedon assures a slew of bright minds to emerge in the field of creative, tech, and business. “This year, you can send your team for professional development on a specific subject. Discover your future self and learn how to make ideas happen, build successful products and master disruption at Pause 2016.”

The SpeakerTV website listed the top five must-catch speakers for this year’s Pause Fest.

 My Idea! – Ego, Authorship and Collaboration in the Pursuit of Great Work
Tim and Lindsay will explore the moments when we have an idea, find out it’s already been done and then give up altogether. Should we be giving up, seeking collaboration or rethinking the problem? They’ll show examples of DT’s work and sprint process, how the agency collaborates with OpenSource and OpenDesign communities and look in detail at exciting collaborations with The Guardian and GPT/Melbourne Central.
@ Deakin Edge: Wed., 10th

The X-Files of Teenage Engineering
Come behind the garage door and past the luxury European cars; find out what makes Teenage Engineering tick. Known as one of the most exciting engineering collectives in the world, they’re redefining the creative process. At the helm is Jesper Kouthoofd – a wunderkind that’s turned his 1980s childhood into a production playground. This fascinating inside look will explore how the company is bringing together the physical and digital.
@ Deakin Edge: Wed., 10th

Top Tech Women and Entrepreneurs
Join Chiquita Searle, Julie Stevanja, Taryn Williams, Kate McKibbin, Bec Derrington and Danielle Lewis for an enlightening panel of being a top woman in the tech and entrepreneurial world & the journeys that got them there.
@ Deakin Edge: Thurs., 11th

Music Streaming in the Creative Economy
Whilst music has remained central to the lives of almost all, consumption patterns and distribution have shifted significantly. Australia is seen as a leading light in terms of music streaming and live performances, bringing us a crowded services market and not enough consumers. This session will discuss the music streaming landscape, where everybody fits in and how it will play out in the years to come. Jane will talk specifically about the role of Pandora streaming radio in connecting bands, brands and fans, diversifying business.
@ Deakin Edge: Fri., 12th

Yarra River Listening
Yarra River Terrace can be experienced by walking along the Yarra River with a mobile device and listening to content that is geotagged along the river bank. As you walk along the path, the sounds of river system are layered with sonic art and river stories for Pause delegates to discover between sessions.
@Yarra River Terrace: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. // Mon., 8th – Sun., 14th