There have been a lot of speculations over whether Patrick Dempsey will miraculously return to his lead role, since the time his character was bumped off in “Grey’s Anatomy.” Those fans who still held on to the hope that it may happen in the future, may be a tad bit disappointed.

Patrick Dempsey recently shared with Entertainment Weekly, “I was ready to move on” and focused on racing for the year. And now, the much-loved actor has bagged a role in “Bridget Jones’ Baby” speculated to be hitting theaters in September 2016.

In September this year, the actor revealed his involvement in the project by putting up his picture while in London, on his Instagram account and giving a shout-out to Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth.

Nice to be working in England. Renee and Colin are an absolute joy to work with! A good couple of days rehearsing at Pinewood Studios. I really like it here!

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When questioned about his transition into movies after his long stint on TV, Dempsey said, “Oh, it’s completely reinvigorated me. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I think the pace of it is really good. Getting back to something that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And it’s very collaborative and it’s organic in how it comes together, how it changes and evolves. It’s just a completely different approach.”

When asked whether he would return to doing TV, he shared, “I think I would consider anything. I just think you have to be open, to see what happens and what comes along.”

In an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, when he had just wrapped up his role of Dr. Derek Shepherd in “Grey’s Anatomy,” he wondered, “I want to try something different. But will I be allowed to do something different. Is Derek so identifiable that I can’t go on and be someone else? That will be the challenge. To see if people embrace me as someone else.”

Now with the first look of “Bridget Jones’ Baby” out there and to see how gorgeous this man is looking, we are sure fans will embrace him with open arms in the role of Jack Qwant, a billionaire entrepreneur.

Dempsey loyalists can keep coming back for more updates on the actor.