After Parramatta Eels news of under-the-table deals broke, NRL launched a club-wide investigation. Today, NRL confirmed the allegations that top Parramatta Eels officials are guilty of salary cap breaches.

NRL has indicated that the responses of the club has done nothing to retract the previous penalties to the club. NRL further said that the club did nothing to aid the investigation. Aside from a $1 million fine on the club, NRL will slash off 12 competition points and its points differential from the first 9 rounds revoked, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Jason Irvine, the former football manager and Scott Seward, former chief executive officer of the Eels, admitted to colluding in the deals. They further shed light on the deals. To carry out the breach, they connived with suppliers and asked them to inflate the invoices paid to the club. The excess to the original amount were paid in cash.

Jason Irvine took the supplier’s excess payment in cash which he then turned over to Scott Seward. Scott Seward then transferred the money to the respective players.

The investigation further revealed that Irvine and Seward inherited the under-the-table deals from their predecessors. Simple handshakes in cafes sealed the off-the-record deals.

Furthermore, the system was in place with suppliers giving in to the club’s officials demands. Irvine mentioned one such supplier, Green Options. The company headed by former coach Tony Herman once transferred huge amounts to Seward’s accounts.

According to Irvine, he only gave cash to a player directly once. That player was Nathan Peats.

To his defense, Irvine said it was not his duty to know the rules. He reiterated his only duty was to make sure the players showed up and competed for the club.

Jarryd Hayne’s name also came out. However, Seward denied that the $37,000 amount he transferred to Hayne was part of the shady transactions.

Seward further admitted that by the end of 2014, he was burdened with finding $589,000 to honor all those deals the club committed with their players.

As the investigation draws to a close, NRL hopes the heavy penalization of Parramatta Eels serve as a warning against any other club intending to disobey the salary cap rules.