Remember the pro-quarantine video of Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard, where they were apologising for bringing their pets illegally to Australia? A parody video showing how it was made has gone viral now and breaking the internet. It has attracted almost 2 million views since its release on April 18th.

The video features a girl named Natalia where she shows that Depp and Amber were at gunpoint while apologising for bringing in their pets Yorkshire terriers Boo and Pistol to the Gold coast on a private jet last year.


The video shows how each one of the lines the couple had said was exclusively written beforehand and they just had to read it out. It’s like they were forced to do it, which is visible in the overwhelming seriousness the couple shows. The video runs for just forty-five seconds. The best part of the video comes when the girl gestures Depp to smile and say his words. 

Viewers flooded the comment section with hilarious reviews. “100000 Internet points for this Nat. Yes,” writes one of the viewers. “This felt way longer than 46 seconds,” adds another.I’m laughing at how the original video has 8k likes and 20k dislikes,” comments another. The parody seems to have been more widely accepted than the original.

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The original video went viral after Australian Deputy Prime Minister shared it on his facebook page saying that Australia’s biosecurity laws were very important and the consequences of a disease outbreak could have been terrifying. “We can’t take the risk,” adds Joyce. Heard was given a one-month good behaviour bond without conviction. “Declare everything when you enter Australia,” says Depp in the video.

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The proceeding has begun since May last year and the court case, which will be held for four days, starts on Monday at Southport Magistrates Court. Depp is going to be the witness in the case. It has been reported that the couple has already landed on the Gold Coast this weekend.