World leaders from across the globe arrived in Paris for a 14-day conference to discuss the threats of global warming. But for some world leaders, this was also an opportunity to discuss serious matters. On the sidelines of the conference, US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a 30 minute “tense” meeting. reported that a White House official confirmed that Obama urged Putin to stop his plans of retaliation on Turkey. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Obama expressed regret on what happened to the Russian jet, RT wrote.

The two leaders also talked about the ongoing crisis in Syria. According to Peskov, both leaders have a shared understanding of a political settlement in Syria. Moreover, Obama also told Putin that Syrian President Assad must step down as part of the political transition.

The Kremlin spokesman also mentioned that the pair talked about the situation in Ukraine. Obama and Putin discussed the full implementation of Minsk agreements or Ukraine ceasefire.

After their meeting, Yahoo News reported that the Russian President revealed that they are planning to come up with two lists. One list includes extremist groups and the other contains “members of legitimate political opposition.”

“We have an understanding how we should proceed if we talk about a political settlement. We need to work on a new (Syrian) constitution, new elections and the control over their outcome,” Putin said.

The Russian leader addressed the recent incident last week where Turkey shot down a Russian jet near the Syrian border. He earlier mentioned that it was a “treacherous stab in the back.”

Yahoo News wrote that Russia wanted a formal apology from Turkey but it refused to do so. Now, Russia has implemented ways to break its close ties with Turkey. One of which was to ban food exports from Turkey.

After their speeches at the UN assembly, this was the second time that the two powerful leaders talked in the past two weeks.