Mother of one of the victims killed in Paris Attacks has decided to sue Belgium for its “irresponsible” take on terrorists.

Nadine Ribet-Reinhart, mother of lawyer son Valentin Ribet, who died in the attack has accused Belgian authorities on their failed efforts to stop the attackers.  She said the authorities could have buckled down more to track the attackers who have Belgian-Moroccan backgrounds.

“This (the fact that the Belgian authorities didn’t know about the fundamentalists) is called inaction, and in the wake of such inaction are decimated families and children who will never be born.” Reinhart was quoted saying.

“Everybody now knows the name of Molenbeek,” Ribet-Reinhart told BFM-TV and added. “What did the state of Belgium do beforehand? Trials in absentia? Parades of suspects?”

Her 26-year-old son was an anti-corruption lawyer. His girlfriend, Eva, who was with him survived.  She was shot in the attacks.

According to BBC, in December, Salah Abdeslam, the most wanted in Europe, could have been handcuffed by the Belgian authorities. But due to Belgian’s debatable law which says “no raids” between 9 pm and 5 am, the suspect slipped out of the hands of the authorities, in a report filed by NEWEUROPE.

In an operation on January 13, Belgian police had also tracked down three homes in Paris used as an operation base by attackers, according to Belgian prosecutor’s office.

Other major attackers were, Chakib Akrouh, who was taken down by police along with Abaaoud and Brahim Abdeslam, who attacked the restaurants and bars and then blew himself off.

There have been many cases that people had won against the state authorities. To justify the negligence by Belgian authorities, Reinhart would need to present concrete evidences on when the authorities failed to execute their operations, told Belgian lawyer Johan Platteau to Belgian radio on Tuesday, wrote BBC.

In her explanation for the justice of the son, she said “we, with his family and (her son’s fiancee) Eva, will provide the means and go as far as it takes.”

There were no exact clarifications about the actions by the victim’s mother.