A frightful video of IS gunmen showing barbarism in IS-captured areas has been released on Sunday. The video features attackers who were involved in the Paris Attacks on November 13.

The video was released by SITE Intelligence Group from the web channel of the Islamic State(IS), which keeps eye on jihadist and monitors terrorist activities. The video seems to have been shot in Raqqa, says the monitoring site.

It shows four Belgians, three French nationals and two Iraqis dressed in the camouflage outfit, shooting video before committing  Paris Attacks.

During the attacks, all nine jihadists split into three groups and carried out attacks at Bataclan Concert Hall, a cafe and a soccer stadium,

The 17-minute video shows the background preparations of multiple attacks prior attacking Paris.

Jihadists said that this video message targets whoever is jointly taking part in US-led coalitions. They criticised the US-led airstrikes executed in the IS-siege areas of Iraq and Syria.

“These are the last messages of the nine lions of the caliphate who were mobilized from their lairs to make a whole country, France, get down on its knees.” said one of the narrators in the video.

“By Allah! By Allah! By Allah! you have declared a war you have lost before even starting it. Know that the mujahidin will not stop fighting. By Allah as long as blood flowing in our veins, we will fight you to the last drop” transcripts one of the jihadists in video.

“And know that for us, it is not but one of the two best outcomes: Either victory in the land, or martyrdom for the cause of Allah”.

Here is a short video:


The video also features Prime Minister David Cameroon giving speech and further narrating “ Whoever stands in the ranks of kufr [unbelievers] will be a target of our swords.”

The video seems to have been shot in Raqqa, says the monitoring site.  It has few clips from the Paris attacks showing fear and terror among people.  The attack claimed 130 lives in total.