Paris Attack suspect Salah Abdeslam on Friday refused to cooperate in the investigation after being questioned by the anti-terror judges.

French authorities were expecting some unknotted reality about the November 13 attacks, which claimed 130 lives and wounded hundreds in a series of attacks. He was the only perpetrator alive in the attacks.

He remained silent during the entire question session, which ended suddenly.

Frank Berton, Abdeslam’s lawyer said that “the suspect did not want to say anything during the session.”

His silence also dashed the expectations of authorities to scoop out Islamic State’s strategies.

Moreover, according to Fox News, Berton criticised “the 24-hour surveillance in Abdeslam’s cell”. He said he felt distressed psychologically under the system at the Fleury-Merogis prison.

“He can’t bear being watched on video 24 hours a day,” Berton told The BBC.

“It bothers him, and that doesn’t make him want to collaborate with the judicial investigation,” he added.

According to USA Today, the suspect wanted to have a discussion with investigators over “radicalisation and November 13 attacks”. It is still unclear why he changed his mind at the last moment.

However, Berton said that the round-the-clock surveillance and isolation pressured him not to comment.

“Other than me, he sees no one,” Berton said.

“He doesn’t speak. … He is in total isolation. That necessarily has very strong repercussions on his psyche and personality.”

Abdeslam is a French national with Moroccan background. His role in the Paris attacks is still unclear as was carrying a suicide bomb with him. But left the plan behind and fled to Belgium.

Last month, he was shot and arrested following a raid in a forest area of Brussels. Police found his fingerprints in a flat which helped them in his detention. The raid was a collaborative effort by French and Belgian police.

In April, he was extradited to Paris.