Moroccan police have arrested a Belgian man linked to the Paris attack in Morocco. The authorities reported that the man was captured in the port city of Mohammedia near Casablanca.

He is held on suspicion of having direct links with 13 November attackers and also being a member of the Islamic State Terror Group. The authorities are also suspecting that he has direct links to the attack’s mastermind.

According to CBS News, the man went to Syria with one of the Paris suicide bombers. He received military training there and built ties with ISIS field commanders and also with the mastermind, Abdalhamid Abaaoud of the Paris attack.  The report also said that the suspect was under investigation. A government spokesperson confirmed, “he went to Syria with one of the suicide bombers of Saint Denis.”

The statement issued by the interior ministry affirmed that the man was trained to handle different weapons, guerilla tactics and left Syria through Turkey, Germany, Belgium and then the Netherlands from where he entered Morocco.

Most of the attackers lived in Molenbeek, which is the home to many Belgians of Moroccan decent, confirmed CBS News. Morocco has proven itself as a key ally for European investigators probing the Paris attack. The head of the Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation said that Morocco put France and Belgium on trial of the network related to the November 13 Paris attacks.

Mirror stated that the security services in France and Morocco had issued an arrest warrant for Salah Abdeslam.  Abdeslam is believed to have taken part in the Paris attack in which 130 people had lost their lives. The report also said that the mastermind of the attack, Abdalhamid Abaaoud, a 28-year-old Belgian militant was killed with another suspect in a police raid in the Saint Denis Suburb five days after the attack.

Meanwhile, the government statement confirmed that the man would stand trial once the investigation is completed.