Baby Dinah Paige Whited, a five-month-old baby who suffered abuse from her parents, died on Monday after spending three months at the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta in a vegetative state. The parents, Justin and Jamie Whited, were formally charged with murder and jailed without bond after warrants were filed by Alcovy Judicial Circuit District Attorney Layla Zon.

An order from Walton County Juvenile Court Judge David Dickinson allowed Justin and Jaime to visit Dinah for 30 minutes each before doctors removed her life support. Physicians were then instructed to remove all life support measures. The baby died at 3:09 PM.

In April 23, Justin physically assaulted Dinah, breaking most of her ribs, two collar bones as well as causing her to suffer bleeding in the brain. Dinah, who was only seven weeks old at the time, was admitted to the hospital in Monroe and has been on life support since.

Experts believed that the baby suffered catastrophic injuries and no chance of recovery. Justin has been charged with the attack while Jamie, who prosecutors claim did not know how to protect the child, was charged with child cruelty.

Jamie told the police that she noticed bruises on her baby’s body before the attack. However, she admitted that she was afraid that the authorities would take her child away so she chose to not admit Dinah to the hospital.

The news of Dinah’s death has taken social media by storm. Many people expressed their grief over the baby’s death while expressing anger towards Justin and Jaime.

“We love Dinah Paige and will miss her everyday but under the circumstances, we have been missing her for a long time already,” Dinah’s grandmother, Paige Barrett, posted on Facebook. “Please know how grateful and blessed we are for each and everyone of you.”

The money received through GoFundMe page set up by the baby’s grandparents will be used to pay for burial expenses.