The parents of six-year-old Oshin Kisko, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer called medullablastoma, will face doctors from Princess Margaret Hospital in court for the second time on Thursday.  The healthcare providers will take Angela Kiszko and Colin Strachan to court so Oshin will undergo another round of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In March, the Western Australian Family Court Chief Justice Stephen Thackray ruled that Oshin Kisko must undergo chemotherapy to improve the chances of extending his life. However, the court ruled against forcing radiation in May due to its negative effects on the boy’s health.

Angela Kiszko and Colin Strachan insist that they only want palliative care. They claim that adding a small chance of extending Oshin’s life is not worth the time and effort if it means severely damaging their boy’s health in the process.

Oshin Kisko

Oshin Kisko. Photo from

“With this treatment, he won’t relapse until 12 or 18 months, at which point they will either do it again or he dies. And the treatment will go on for at least a year,” points out Angela.

She adds that Oshin has developed stomach ulcers due to the chemotherapy, which was completed 11 weeks ago, but the treatment’s psychological side effects still linger. Now, Oshin is reluctant to go to sleep since he is scared that the hospital will come and take him away again. Apparently, Oshin even asked if his parents already reported what is being done to him to the police.

On the other hand, a member of Oshin’s medical team claims that the brain tumor has shrunk, thanks to chemotherapy. However, radiation therapy must be introduced as soon as possible to further improve Oshin’s condition.

In spite of this, doctors agree that continuing with chemotherapy will not result to a cure but will only prolong the boy’s life.