An injured cat dubbed ‘Princess’ got over $10,000 from donors for cruelty against animals. She got paralyzed in a brutal attack by a man just after giving birth to a litter of kittens in the state’s Hunter region earlier this month.

A boy saw the man holding the cat by her tail and hitting her against a trailer. The kid then alerted his mother. Initially, mother and son thought the feline was dead but realized that the animal that suffered broken legs and spine was alive as she returned to her kittens the next day.

As a consequence of the vile act, the 58-year-old man has been charged with beating and torturing the cat. According to reports by the SMH, he will face the jury in Kurri Kurri on June 30.

In the meantime, an organization for animal rights called ‘Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Weston’ appealed to its citizens for donations. The result was overwhelming, with several people donating to the fund, with one contributing over $1,000.

Indeed, animal cruelty is a severe issue, and President Dee Walton made it clear that ‘Princess’ should get lifelong care and help. After it was reported that the cat was unable to excrete waste and will never be re-homed, the President told the Herald, “It’s just not something you can give up. She needs that lifelong commitment.”

The Sawyers group said in an update on Friday that the cat is paralyzed for life. It will never regain the function of its bladder. It will be prone to bladder infection for the rest of her life. This means the possibility of her living until the old age of 17+ is drastically diminished. In the future, she will need manual help to excrete waste and will not be able to walk for the rest of her life.