Papamoa beach has witnessed a young girl’s close encounter with a shark that cruised pass her. Her father was able to capture this scene as well while filming her swim.

The surprising footage captured by the father showed the small distance between the shark and the young girl, who was about a foot away and was playing, unaware of the incoming danger.

Papamoa Beach, which is located in the Bay of Plenty, was where the two were taking a swim when the shark passed by. The footage showed the young girl in her swimming vest and snorkel mask as she wrestled with the waves while the surfers were gliding around her.

The young girl asked her father to film her while she was under the water and then waved to him. After a while, the shark’s fin showed with the sea creature passing through quickly.

This close encounter with the shark created a burst of splashing from the father who was filming the entire the circumstance. It also appeared that the father was making a quick movement to pull his daughter back to the shore.

While it is not clearly seen in the footage, the man’s daughter made a comment via YouTube about her father being hit by a shark. According to the NZ National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, the sharks, which most people are more likely to encounter in local beaches over the summer are the Blue shark, Bronze whaler, the Spotted dogfish and the School shark, Express reported.

Meanwhile, according to the website of The Shark Attack Data website, there have been 24 reported fatal attacks since 1850 in New Zealand.

While bronze whales can be aggressive towards the spearfishers, they usually just ignore swimmers. Most divers would even regard them as harmless species, however, their power and size could mean that they can also become dangerous when provoked, NZ Herald reported.