Pakistan is the first country in the world to run its parliament completely on solar energy. The parliament which is also known as Majlis-e-Shoora has now gone solar. Speaker Iyaz Sadiq in Friday’s assembly session informed that solar energy was used in all proceedings of the house.

The speaker also announced that the 1 MW “Solar Energy” project had generated 80 MW electricity. 65 MW of the total electricity produced was consumed by Parliament House. The surplus production of 18MW electricity was contributed to the National Grid, he confirmed. Speaker Sadiq acknowledged the assistance from the Chinese Government for financial support. He also thanked the fellow parliamentarians, the media and employees of parliament for the support and confidence they showed.

Noteworthy that the solar project was launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping and PM Nawaz Sharif during the Chinese President’s visit to Pakistan last year.

The Parliament House is also the first to issue a “Net-Metering” license by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). This system helps in delivering and adding of surplus electricity to the national grid. This project is also environment friendly as it diminishes the release of hazardous gases which create global warming.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is going to officially “Switch On” the parliament’s solar programme this month, stated The Nation.

Munawar Abbas Shah, special secretary at the National Assembly commented, “This is the first project of its kind [in a public building] in Pakistan, and later more public buildings will be converted to solar power to overcome the energy crisis.”

He also informed that during the summers the consumption of electricity in the Parliament jumps over to 2 MW sometimes. It has been expected that the move would save £689,369 (AU$1400079.85), reported Independent.

Pakistan is a  country which has not only faced economic and financial challenges but was also devastated by insurgency.  Terrorist attacks have greatly upset the country. Nonetheless, positive developments like this are welcomed not only by the citizens of the country but also by people around the globe.