A few weeks prior to UFC 197 in Las Vegas, Paige VanZant bumped into former UFC champion Ronda Rousey in an unfriendly manner.

Star Pulse reported that Rousey confronted VanZant during a Reebok event, where she allegedly scolded VanZant for congratulating Holly Holm for her win last year at UFC 193.

Sources say that Rousey shouted at the strawweight fighter after they were supposed to have a picture together.

Miesha Tate, a UFC fighter who has lost to Rousey twice, also helped spread the news about Rousey and VanZant’s encounter. While guesting for “The Joe Rogan Experience”, she talked about Paige’s story on the incident.

According to Tate, Paige told her that Rousey was fuming with Paige “crossing her”. Apparently, Rousey was insulted that Paige congratulated Holly Holm, who defeated Rousey via knockout in November.

Paige VanZant confirmed Tate’s story – that Rousey cussed at her last month.

A few weeks later, Fox Sports reported that VanZant claims that despite her annoyance during the confrontation, she has moved on and she perfectly understands Rousey’s reaction.

VanZant explained, “There was a little bit of aggression. I won’t go into details. I feel like I was really hurt at first. I was very hurt and frustrated about the whole situation, and afterwards, I really had to take a step back and see that as fighters, we’re very emotional and we wear our emotions on our sleeves.”

Paige VanZant added that since Rousey has been champ for a long time, the latter felt really emotional after losing to Holm. VanZant added that she feels for Rousey and that she has “nothing but love” for the fighter. She even said that she hopes to make it right with her.

Rousey has not commented yet on their encounter but VanZant said that she has already put the incident behind her. She wishes that there was something that could be done to repair their relationship.