Blizzard has finally released an info about Overwatch’s Tracer, where she will become a playable hero for their MOBA game “Heroes of the Storm.” She is expected to become available on April 19 for those who preordered the Overwatch Origin Edition, reports Destructoid.

For those who are not familiar with the character, Tracer is a female Overwatch member who specializes in time traveling. With her ability to slow down and speed up time, she can instantly move to a location in a short burst of time and can even rewind the time at her own will when she is in a pinch. She wields twin pulse pistols are her main arsenal and a sticky pulse bomb.

Her incarnation at “Heroes of the Storm” was spot on, as most of her signature moves from the Blink ability, where she can zip through the direction she is facing at a faster pace; Recall, where she can rewind think to restore her previous health at the point of origin; and Pulse Bomb where she can plan sticky bombs on enemies to land a devastating blast.

There are also some new cosmetic looks exclusive to “Heroes of the Storm,” such as new color scheme for the basic Tracer outfit, and an upgraded Master Tracer outfit that reminds you of a promoted Terran Ghost unit and there is also a Spectre Tracer to give that Warhammer-esque look on Tracer. There is also the Spectre Phantom mount that suits well with the Spectre outfit, still giving that dark futurist feel to the mount to help Tracer navigate around the area faster.

So far there are no details yet on when Tracer will become available for those who did not preorder a copy of Overwatch. Those who preorder or will preorder the game regardless on which platform can avail Tracer on April 9. So far players are excited on trying her in the world of Nexus. Heroes of the Storm is now available as a free-to-play game.