New Overwatch patch notes are finally available. However, PS4 and Xbox One gamers may have to wait a little longer as current patch notes only apply for the PC. In this article we relay the new patch list.

Blizzard Entertainment details in the official Overwatch website the full list of patch notes However, it is important to note that the patch is still in development. Hence, it is only available through the Public Test Region (PTR). The post by Blizzard also details how to participate in the PTR, and we relay that process as well.

Overwatch patch notes

Check out the new patch notes below, via the Overwatch official website.


  • If a match goes into Overtime for more than 20 seconds, the fuse will now start to “burn down” more quickly
  • Players now respawn more slowly during Overtime (increased spawn time by 2 seconds)

Competitive Play

  • Competitive Play matches can now only have one of each hero per team.

More general updates

  • Added Ana as an AI-controlled hero in Practice vs. AI, Play vs. AI, and Custom Game modes
  • Timing on Zenyatta’s Rapid Discord achievement is more lenient
  • Targeted teammates now respond by saying “I’m with you,” when players use the “Group Up” communication
  • Renamed five sprays to avoid duplicate titles

Hero Updates

  • Self-healing abilities now charge ultimate abilities. As a result, there has been an adjustement in heroes’ ultimate costs

User Interface

  • Mouse sensitivity can now be adjusted out to two decimals
  • Mid-match tips can now be toggled on or off (this will enable/disable tips that pop up after a player dies)
  • Players can now enter numerical values for any option that also has slider (e.g. FoV, volume, sensitivity, etc.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the UI to disappear whenever the game was forced into windowed mode by an external application
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause visual healing effects to appear on the wrong hero whenever multiple players attempted to up a Health Pack
  • The payload on King’s Row will no longer retreat back inside its starting location if the attacking team fails to push it

How to participate in PTR?

The Overwatch lists the following steps to join:

1. You must have a good standing Overwatch game license for Windows PC attached to account
2. Restart the desktop app.
3. Navigate to the Overwatch tab on the left-hand menu.
4. Select “PTR: Overwatch” from the REGION/ACCOUNT drop-down menu.
5. Click “Install” to begin the installation process.
6. Once the PTR client is installed and updated, click “Play” to begin!

To learn more about the PTR and Overwatch patch notes in detail, visit their official website.