Loverwatch is one of the largest Overwatch dating sims. Yes, you read it right. There are not just one  but more. All those fans of Overwatch, perhaps one thing which most of them wish to watch more from the Overwatch characters to date than fight.  But with many hindrances on the way, it isn’t as easy as it seems to make the game characters liplock. What are details of Loverwatch? Here are some briefs down below.

Loverwatch is still under development. However, this hasn’t made any difference to its popularity. On networks such as Tumblr it has got immense followings. Lucy Morris, a game designer, is the brain behind this project.  Morris has the work experience of working on projects with firms like Ubisoft, besides having her stand-alone ventures.

Giving details about the game in an interview, Morris said “each story has kind of a different premise. It’s based in the Overwatch HQ and, then, going forward.”

Handing out information about the player character, Damon Reece- the writer answered:

“The player character is a new recruit in Overwatch, and you start out talking to the commander. And we’re doing our best to have the player character be very … fluid in how you can interpret them.”

Explaining it further Morris briefs:

“You arrive on base, you’re given this form, and you’ve got to select what profession you’ve turned up here for. That decides which route you’re taking, because you’ll have a different supervisor or partner on the mission.”

She further revealed that they are trying to make the game ‘kind of customizable.’ Work with an adaptive script, is also underway. It will let the players to choose their ‘pronouns’ at the beginning of the game, as well. In Morris’ word: “That will change how characters refer to you so people can play which gender they identify with,” reports

According to Morris, each route in Loverwatch is around 60K words and there are three routes, so overall it will bulk up to 180K words, making it longer even from Final Fantasy XIII. She is expecting another month to take when Loverwatch will be coming out.

The developers are yet to confirm an official release date of Loverwatch.