The second season of “Outlander” is almost upon us. Are you curious as to what Jamie and Claire might be up to now? Below, we round up 6 spoilers you should know ahead of the season premiere this week.

1. Will it be better than “Outlander” Season 1?
The first season of the hit show earlier won a People’s Choice Award. But, according to Hollywood Life, the show only gets better from here. “The second season is going to be bigger, better, and so much more jaw-dropping,” the gossip news site said.

2. Where will the season find Jamie and Claire?
Season 1 ended with the couple sailing away for France. This is where fans will likely see them in Season 2.

3. Will fans still be able to find spoilers in the books?
The Starz series is based on the “Outlander” book series by Diana Gabaldon. Season 2 is no exception. It will be based on the second book, “Dragonfly in Amber.”

4. Will Claire really cheat on Jamie?
Claire and Jamie went through a lot in Season 1. But, in a recent interview, actor Sam Heughan said Claire might cheat on his character Jamie this season. “Claire will sleep with someone else,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly when asked for spoilers. However, he could’ve just been kidding.

5. Will the couple be able to save Scotland?
According to Hollywood Life, the couple will be “determined to stop the devastating battle of Culloden before it destroys Scotland.”

6. Will there be more violence?
Ars Technica previously compared the Starz hit show to the often violent Game of Thrones. The show’s “images of gore and pain,” the blog pointed out, “tend to be intimate and ordinary…[but it still] featured some of the most stomach-churning portrayals of sexual and physical violence [on TV].”

Season 2 of “Outlander” will premiere on April 9 at 9 p.m. on Starz.