A confrontation between Sidney and Kyle is about to blow up in Outcast Season 1 finale this week.

In the previous episode entitled Close to Home, Sidney (Brent Spiner) revealed to Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) his job and his host body. It was also disclosed that Sidney turned out to be a much sinister character than the demon.

Spiner said that at first, his character had no idea who the host was going to be. Sidney finally found out that what he merged with is far worse than he was when the host came out and revealed that he had his own torture chamber for children. “I think it’s been true with some other people who have merged but profoundly so in Sidney’s case. He’s wound up with someone that’s really disgusting!” Spiner told TVLine.

The Cinemax’s hit show is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same title. The horror story follows the lives of people involved in demonic possession. Kirkman is also the creator of the AMC hit series The Walking Dead.

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Meanwhile, Spiner also revealed that they have already began filming Outcast Season 2. He said the next season will deal with the Great Merge. Cinemax has renewed the show for Season 2 in March. The network has not yet revealed the premiere dates for Season 2.

The Outcast Season 1 finale entitled This Little Light airs on Friday (Aug. 12) at 10PM/9C on Cinemax.

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