“Outcast”, the thriller series delivered by “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, is creating ripples among the fans. The last two episodes left the audience speculating that the haunting incidents are linked with the story’s main character Kyle Barnes. Spoiling the excitement, here is another surprising nugget about the upcoming episode 3.

So far, we have seen Barnes being possessed several times, even starting early as his childhood. He then asked the help of Reverend Anderson in order to fight the forces of evil.

“Outcast” Episode 2, dubbed as “(I Remember) When She Loved Me”, aired on June 10. The installment shed light on how twisted the past of the Barnes family really is. It unfolded many secret corners of the story. It was also revealed that Kyle’s mother has also been victimized of demonic possessions, Inverse reports. Kyle even suffered the horrific consequences of his mother’s demon-influenced dominance.

The recent spoiler released by Cinemax about Episode 3 hands out an official outline of the coming Friday episode. To titillate the thrill, the synopsis notifies the fans that “Kyle and Reverend Anderson confront an unusual possession” in episode 3 titled “All Alone Now.”

Have a look at the promo for “Outcast” Episode 3 below.

As detailed by Spoilers Daily, after episode 2, it remains to be seen whether the predicted “unusual possession” involves Kyle’s past once more. As per the direction the series has been taking, it won’t be surprising to see Kyle Barnes holds some connection with it.

Will Kyle discover more about his past? Will he finally know the reason why he has been targeted with demonic possessions since his childhood? Will the fans come to know more about Reverend Anderson this time around?

As of now, all fans can do is stay patient until “Outcast” Episode 3 airs on Friday 17. “All Alone” can only have the answers to many burning questions.