The most awaited horror drama “Outcast” finally debuted on Cinemax network on June 3.  While the pilot episode of the first season of the series underlined the mainstays, the spoilers for Episode 2 have dropped hints about the main villain of the show.

The horror series is created by Robert Kirkman, the man behind the success of the zombie apocalyptic AMC show “The Walking Dead.” Thus, we can expect “Outcast” to be supernaturally interesting.

In episode 1 titled “A Darkness Surrounds Him,” we saw an uncanny connection between a young guy named Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) and supernatural spirits since childhood. He chooses to live in isolation to hide himself from an abusive past. After being exhausted trying to confront the evil spirits, Barnes finally asks for the help of the local exorcist Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) to cleanse them out of his life.

International Business Times learned that the premier episode eventually revealed what happened to Kyle while Anderson struggles to drive out Joshua Austin. The chapter also revealed that the only cure to Kyle Barnes’ demonic plague is by discovering his blood.  The viewers can expect Episode 2 dubbed as “(I Remember) When She Loved Me” revealing some chapters linked to Kyle’s paralyzed mom, Sarah Barnes . There are also speculations that the main villain of “Outcast” Sidney might tip his hat to the fans in the next episode.

Watch The Preview Here:

The trailer for Outcast episode 2 seems to comprise more flashbacks of Kyle’s mom and Reverend Anderson preaching at his church. Both scenes indicate the possibility that the villainous Sidney will soon be emerging on the show.

“Outcast” Episode 2 shares the same title as the third issue of Robert Kirkman’s  Outcast comic book series. However, the episode could follow the story in the second issue “From The Shadows It Watches.”

In the second episode of Outcast Season 1 , Kyle spends some time talking to his paralyzed mom in the hospital. The section also portrays a tense interaction between Kyle and his sister’s husband Mark Holt. Unfortunately, “From The Shadows It Watches” finishes off with the shady Sidney visiting Sarah Barnes in the hospital, reports Movie News Guide.

What does he say to Kyle’s mother?  Find out when Outcast Episode 2 airs on Friday June 10, at 9:00 p.m on Cinemax.