A Melbourne man has been held after the outback stabbing of a French tourist.  His family members have also been called for further interrogation.

Pande Veleski fatally stabbed the tourist in the Northern Territory on Wednesday, but he was only arrested on Thursday morning. Police described the whole incident and said that a French couple were on the Stuart Highway at the remote Connor Well rest stop at 5:30 pm on Wednesday. This was when an unknown man approached them. The man attacked and stabbed the Frenchman.

Details of the outback stabbing revealed

Detective Superintendent Travis Wurst believes it to be an unprovoked attack. Following the outback stabbing, Veleski escaped the scene in a grey i20 Hyundai sedan while the victim bled adversely. The media reports mentioned that the alleged attacker was being treated for some kind of mental illness. According to the reports, he was under guard in a mental hospital in Alice Springs, which is around 100 kilometers away from the stabbing spot.

When Veleski’s brother Tony was asked about his involvement in the outback stabbing, he said that his brother should have gone to their family property in Dromana, Victoria. Tony added that he was also due to join him for a holiday there on Friday. “He came and got my keys. He was supposed to be in Dromana,” Tony said as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald. “We were meant to go there today to see him, to spend time with him, me and my son. We’re really sorry for the French tourist, and we’re sorry for my brother as well.”

After 30 minutes of the outback stabbing, however, the 30-year-old wife of the victim stopped the car, which had a nurse from Ti Tree Health Clinic in it with her husband. She conducted a CPR of the victim on the spot but could not save him. The French tourist died at the scene.

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