The controversy about the diversity issue surrounding the Oscars continues, with Kerry Washington being the latest celebrity to comment on the contentious subject. However, she said she won’t be boycotting the 88th Academy Awards.

During a visit to Harvard University on Thursday to receive the 2016 Hasty Pudding Award, she talked to about the diversity debate. When asked if she will be boycotting the Oscars, she replied “I don’t think so, no.”

However, she did add that the diversity debate is a good thing. “I’m really excited that the conversation is happening. It needs to happen, and the Oscars are a symptom of a larger issue. We need more voices at the table. We need our art to reflect all of us.”

“What’s great about what is happening this year with the Oscars is it’s giving us an opportunity to talk about these things in a way that’s a little bit more honest than we’ve talked about them in the past, so great!” the “Scandal” actress told Entertainment Tonight.

With that, Kerry Washington joins the likes of Viola Davis, Whoopi Goldberg, Mo’Nique and Ice Cube who won’t boycott the Oscars.

Following the furore surrounding the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, the Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs announced a number of reforms among the membership of the Academy and its voting regulations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the number of women and diverse members of the Academy are to be doubled by 2020 so that women comprise 48 percent of the organization and diverse groups make up 14 percent of total membership.

Also, three new seats are to be added to the 51-person board of governors. Furthermore, the Academy is to take steps to increase diversity by adding new members who are not on the board of governors to its executive and board committees.

Regarding her character in the hit ABC series “Scandal,” Kerry Washington had also revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Olivia will be a “changed woman” when Season 5 airs this month due to the devastating events that took place at the end of the first half of Season 5.