On Sunday night at the Dolby theatre in Hollywood, California, Brie Larson was aptly compensated for her heartfelt and touching performance in “Room” by a Best Actress Oscar statuette. While the Oscars this year has been engulfed in the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, its apparent underrepresentation of other ethnicities and with host Chris Rock tackling that issue head on, Larson brought attention to the inherent sexism in Hollywood.

Speaking backstage after receiving her award, the 26-year-old actor talked about the challenges she had to face to secure a career in Hollywood movies. She in particular mentioned her demeaning personal experiences at auditions with casting directors who would give her a role only if she sexed up her image.

“There were many times that I would go into auditions and casting directors would say: ‘It’s really great, really love what you’re doing, but we’d love for you to come back in a jean miniskirt and high heels,’” the actor said. “Those were always moments of a real fork in the road, because there’s no reason for me to show up in a jean miniskirt and heels other than the fact that you want to create some fantasy, and you want to have this moment that you can reject.

“I personally always rejected that moment, I tried maybe once and it always made me feel terrible,” Larson clarified, as noted by Forbes. “They were asking me to be sexy, but a jean miniskirt and heels does not make me feel sexy. It makes me feel uncomfortable,” she added.

Larson noted that these bitter and demoralising experiences made her stronger as a person and more confident for future auditions. “Learning for me what it took to feel confident and strong and take what these people were trying to get to exude out of me come from a personal place and trying to represent in film women that I know, women that I understand, complicated women, women that are inside of me — that became my mission,” asserted Larson.

That confidence and resolve has paid off for the actor who is now a jewel in the Hollywood hall of fame and hopefully has a great career ahead of her.

Larson will appear in the upcoming blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island” alongside Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson and will also be seen in Ben Wheatley’s thriller “Free Fire” with Cillian Murphy and Armie Hammer. She is also booked for Dan Baron’s “Basmati Blues” which tackles the contentious GMO issue in India; something that has led to many farmer suicides in that country. IMDB.com states that Larson will play a scientist who is sent to India to sell the genetically modified rice she created – which she doesn’t realise will destroy the farmers she thinks she’s helping.