Many think favorably that Leonardo Di Caprio might actually win an Oscars, but not without humour.

It cannot be ignored that there’s a chance for Di Caprio to finally take home an Oscar award for his most recent film “The Revenant.” Many were impressed by the commitment in his performance in the action drama film.

In line with that, people have become well aware of the actor’s desire to hit the jackpot. There has been quite a number of images on the Internet that revolve around the actor’s anticipation to win an award. With the possibility of such moment finally caving in, many have become excited to witness how the actor will behave himself.

One of the many people who imagined how the Revenant actor would go about the much-awaited achievement was a cartoonist by the name of Ben Zurawski. He is known to use flip books wherein pages are flipped in order to reveal an interesting animation unfold. In a report made by USAToday, Zurawski uploaded a video on his Youtube channel to depict how he believe the hungry Leo would savor the moment.

The unexpected Revenant co-star’s appearance certainly was something Leo was not able to bear.

Zurawski also poked fun on the recent Oscars controversy where African-Americans boycott the event. They believe that their race was not given as much opportunity as the White Americans were.

Coincidentally, Di Caprio was made an example of by Chris Rock when the latter made an opening speech about the need to acknowledge black actors in equal footing with the light-skinned race. According to Cosmopolitan, the comedian made mention that the Titanic actor “gets a great part every year” while African-American celebrities are being left out. Naturally, the Inception lead kept a calm face despite being honorably mentioned.

Leo’s reaction would have been a potential face to make an animation of but Zurawski does not upload cartoon videos that only revolve around the Oscars. He also has some other videos that tackle topics in both humorous and formal ways.