The whole Internet was tuned into the Academy Awards this year. Of course, everyone had a lot to say about it. In this list, we round up the best and funniest tweets about the Oscars.

1. A Shout Out To All Oscar Nominees.

2. Ready For The Red Carpet.

Celebrities post red carpet looks all the time. But this tweet from Pharrell Williams is the clear winner. Too much swag.

3-6. On Girl Scout Cookies.

Host Chris Rock sold his daughter’s girl scout cookies at the Oscars. According to Entertainment Weekly, the comedian earned thousands of dollars. Actress Mindy Kaling posted this snap of her purchase.

Her fans were quick to point out that the actress is already halfway through her box.

Fans ate cookies too, in solidarity.

7-10. On The New Oscars “Thank You Scroll.”

These tweets all deserve an Oscar too, to be honest.

11-14. Joke Gone Bad.

Indy Star pointed out a racist blunder involving Stacey Dash. The actress was brought out as a “diversity outreach consultant.” Dash earlier said, Black History Month should be cancelled. The Academy was probably kidding. But the Internet did not find it funny.

15. This Big Bear Fan.

Sorry, but the bear lost to Leo. DiCaprio won his first Oscar this year.

16. This Autographed Snap.

Jacob Tremblay and Abraham Attah are best buddies. This autographed snap exists to prove it. Both of them might have won acting awards already. But they are still kids. Their autographs would still be the cutest thing you’d see today. 
 17. This Reaction To The “Star Wars” droids.

The droids from “Star Wars” stopped by. BB-8 may be cute. But Tremblay’s reaction is cuter.

18-20. On “Mad Max” Jacket.

“Mad Max” won big at the Academy Awards. The film took home six Oscars. But everyone was fixated on a jacket. Designer Jenny Beavan’s jacket, to be precise.