Former olympic star Oscar Pistorius seems to have no other legal way, as the South African court  has dismissed his appeal for conviction in a murder case on Thursday.

The constitutional court ruled that the appeal had “no grounds of success”. Now he will be sentenced following a ruling on April 18. He could face a 15-year jail, reports BBC.

Defense attorney Barry Slotnick says that his celebrity status would work while sentencing him.

“He’ll get jail time, but not for that full time. Additionally, his celebrity status will likely have a positive impact for him. He’s a well-known and very much liked person in South Africa and I think that will help his cause. His disability also makes him sympathetic which will work in his favor, too.” said Slotnick in a report by USA Today.

In 2013, Pistorius was convicted of killing his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp. He suspected her for an intruder hiding in the bathroom and shot her four times through the closed toilet door. He was immediately arrested and charged with murder.

In 2014, he was charged for committing culpable homicide. On 21 October, he was sentenced  to 5 years in prison. In November, prosecutors asked the judge for an appeal on the verdict. The case was put forward in front of a five-panel team at the Supreme Court of Appeal.  In December, the appeal was granted.

In August 2015, the court announced the house arrest of Pistorius.

In October, the South African court granted him bail. He was taken under the house arrest at his uncle’s property in Pretoria. Following the terms, he was allowed to leave home between 7 a.m and afternoon and travel within 20 kilometres.

During the 2011 Summer Olympics Pistorius was the first amputee athlete to be able to win an abled-bodies world track medal. In 2012 , he became the first double-leg amputee to run in the Olympics at the Summer Olympics.