Athlete Oscar Pistorius battered his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp with a cricket bat before shooting her dead through a door in his apartment, according to fresh evidence that emerged on Thursday.

Pistorius said during his trial that he accidentally shot Steenkamp at his apartment in Pretoria three years ago after he mistook her for an intruder. However, according to the forensic images released by two forensic experts, Steenkamp was not killed by mistake but murdered.

Brothers Calvin and Thomas Mollett released the never-before-seen evidence in their book entitled “Oscar vs The Truth.” According to the Molletts, the police thought that they had direct and irrefutable evidence against the paralympic athlete and thus they messed up the scene and overlooked vital clues.

“One gets the impression that police arrived on the scene and thought they had an open-and-shut case against Oscar,” the authors wrote as quoted by the Fairfax Media. “They knew he pulled the trigger and had statements from the neighbours who heard a woman scream – why bother doing a proper forensic investigation.”

They point to two oval bruises on the model’s back which match the tip of a cricket bat whereas a blood-covered handle suggested that there was a struggle at the scene.

Other pictures showed a 4.5 mm hole in Pistorius’ bedroom door which matches the calibre of his air rifle. A wound of the same size was found on the model’s arm, which suggests that the athlete may have shot her while she fled the bedroom, the Mail Online reported.

Pistorius claimed that he had fired through a closed door, anticipating a burglar at the other end.

“Oscar went after her with a cricket bat, infuriated that she locked herself away from him,” The Sun quoted Thomas Mollett as saying. “To scare and frighten her, he hit the door with the cricket bat about two to three times and also hit the steel plate against the bathtub wall.”

If confirmed, the evidence would prove that Pistorius had pulled the trigger at Steenkamp in a fit of rage following a late-night row.