Orphan Black season 4 episode 9 spoilers reveal that Cosima and Duncan’s search for the antidote for the sisters will still continue, while Felix may have to make a very difficult decision.

The title of the next episode is The Mitigation of Competition, and will see Sarah and Rachel in the same boat, and will have to work together for a bigger goal as they try to take on Evie Cho and Neolution.

According to the latest Orphan Black season 4 episode 9 spoilers from Spoilers Daily, Cosima and Susan’s search for a cure won’t be smooth-sailing as they argue about whether or not the human experiments are ethical.

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“Meanwhile, when the Hendrixes legal counsel, Adele, further investigates Donnie’s case, she begins to suspect Felix is keeping deep secrets. Helena’s arrival forces Felix to make a difficult decision,” the spoilers said.

In the last episode of Orphan Black, The Mary Sue noted that Cosima unveiled the plan to find an antidote for all the clones while Susan seems to have dropped the hunt for a cure. Rachel joined in on the act, but Cosima was dissuaded by Scott from bringing her in because, in his words, “she cheats at games.”

Cosima, of course, has a plan on getting a cure and that is to fertilize Sarah’s egg using Caster’s sperm so they could track back the DNA from the original clones.

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The events of Orphan Black have intensified considering that the planned five-season arc is nearing its end.

John Fawcettt told E! News that the story of the clones will wrap up after the fifth season.

“I think there would be some reinvention necessary or some kind of new spin,” he said. “I don’t know what that is or could be. I’m not really thinking about that right now, I’m just thinking about trying to get this story told in five seasons.”

The series had just come off a brief hiatus, but the spoilers hint of a very intense Orphan Black season 4 episode 9, which is the penultimate episode. The series airs on Thursday, June 9, on BBC America.