The latest revelation regarding the Orlando shooting seems shocking as shooter Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Mateen is suspected of being aware of her husband’s plan before he executed it on Sunday.

The investigators found out that Mateen’s wife accompanied him while he purchased ammunition that he used to attack the gay nightclub, Pulse, in Orlando. According to ABC News, authorities are now considering to file criminal charges on the shooter’s wife over their suspicion. A law enforcement official claimed that she knew about his husband’s intentions and tried to talk him out of it but she did not report him to the authorities.

The Orlando shooting massacre, which claimed the lives of 49 people and wounded around 53 others, is still being investigated. Authorities want to find out whether the shooter’s wife really knew about his plan to attack the club.

In case it is proven that the gunman’s wife knew about her husband’s intentions but did not report the matter, she could face severe criminal charges as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Noor Zahi Salman, as she was known before marriage, told the FBI that she accompanied her husband when he bought ammunition and holster. Matten’s wife also told FBI that she drove and accompanied him to the nightclub once in the past. However, she never made any public statements about the shooter since the incident. Reports have indicated that the shooter’s wife is cooperating well with authorities investigating the case. However, it is unclear whether she will be facing any criminal charges.

A senior law enforcement official, on the other hand, said that it is being indicated that “she [Mateen’s wife] was with him [Mateen] in certain parts of the process, and we’re sorting through it.”

Meanwhile, there are reports that the shooter paid a number of visits to Disney properties in the past few months. He was noticed in June in Disney Springs in Orlando. As a result, Walt Disney Company has tightened its security as it seems to be the next target, according to the authorities’ findings.